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Orchestre du Collège de Genève

Projet Description

Logo Orchestre du Collège de Genève

Brand identity


Logo creation

Directed by

Design and execution of the logo from the two main characteristics of the Orchestra: Youth - Serious.
  • Integration with Canton of Geneva graphic chart
  • Facilitation for the sponsor search
  • In connection with music
5 directions available. In order to respect and meet as many aspects as possible related to the Canton of Geneva, the wisest iteration was chosen. Create/design for the logo a cursive type that:
  • Brings a unique character
  • Highlights seriousness
  • Links with Geneva
The execution plays on the typo aspects in order to respect the constaints and with the symbol to give the music side. The gray brings the seriousness as opposed to the yellow which links to the youth element and the Geneva logo.