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MultiMatin - MultiBlick

Case Study

CD-Rom MultiMatin - MultiBlick - Edipresse

CD-ROMs multimedia publishing


Virtualization is problematic content to newspapers, unable to get a return on investment on the Internet. Objectives: To reassure the advertisers with their target physical media, offering interactive advertising space.
Client: Edipresse Group


Development of a series of CD leisure bilingual editorial content. Journalists write articles in a CMS dedicated to the CD. Multimedia content is recovered on loan from the copyright owners with interactive advertisements then inserted into the CMS.
Each CD is inserted in the newspaper with 200 musical excerpts, 90 video clips, movies ...

Main assets

Reached the target with a multimedia news content.

Main challenges

  • Tight timing
  • Many stakeholders
  • Negotiations on rights
  • Fit into the production chain