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Philip Morris - Digital Entertainments

Case study

Philip Morris - MAT Marlboro Adventure Team - e-divertissements

Marlboro Adventure Team


In a competitive environment, we were asked, together with blueInfinity, to find relevant, fresh and aspirational concept for the Marlboro’s core audience. The main challenge being to find very appealing e-entertainments but easy to catch.


Early digital concepts were devised over the years including 20 games. From digital racing games to virtual reality immersions or even booth projection for trade shows. Many of our e-entertainement software solution were portable device based, allowing Marlboro to target its audience anywhere.

Our Role

Concepts - Design - Development


Many: Director, Flash, C++, Pen and paper


Be part of the early games console generations by pushing the technology in what has become today's biggest money generating market. I have learned that nothing is impossible.